We work with budgets as much as possible.  Please contact us for pricing options. All prices are for a 4-hour performance block.  Sets can be split between Cocktail hour, Dinner set, and Dance sets.


7-piece band:

2 Female singers, 1 male singer, guitars, bass, drums, keys

This is our most popular package due to getting the most bang for your buck.  You won't miss the horn section unless you've heard us with the horn section.

8-piece band:

Add sax or fiddle

Definitely recommended!  Either of these instruments adds that extra pro dynamic depending on if you are leaning soul or country with your songlist. A fantastic choice if you just have to have the sound of a horn.  Our sax player will provide all the great sax solos you are expecting!


9-piece band:  

Add sax and trumpet or sax and fiddle

The perfect choice for those on a budget but want to hear a horn section.  With sax and trumpet you get the vibe of a horn section while also adding killer horn solor throughout the set.


10-piece band:

Add 3pc horn section (Sax, Trumpet, Trombone) or add sax/trumpet/fiddle

The full 10pc band, with a full 3pc horn section is stadium quality music at its best.  Our horn section delivers professional horn arrangements for the most popular dance hits across six decades of rock n roll.  It doesn't get any better than this.  I highly recommend the full 10pc package to anyone who wants the best possible live band experience.  As I stated in the 7pc section: you will not miss the horns unless you have heard us WITH the horns.  There is nothing like it.