CUSTOMIZING MY EVENT.  How do you customize events?

We can meet your needs no matter how large or small.  Below are some examples:


SPECIAL SONGS.  If we don’t know a song you want, we’re happy to learn special requests customized for your event.


BAND SIZE.  As large or small of a band as your event needs. From our rocking and budget friendly 6-piece band, to our unbelievable 10+ piece ensemble when you want to take your event to the top!   Just ask!


EMCEE.  Can the band emcee the event?

Yes. Basic wedding announcements are easy as pie for us to handle.  


AUDIO NEEDS.  Do you take care of the audio/PA when you play?

Yes.  No matter how small or large, MCRR can provide all the sound equipment needed for your event.


In addition to powering the band, our PA system can be used for announcements, introductions, toasts, and recorded music on breaks.


STAGE/SPACE REQUIREMENTS. How big of a stage do you need?

6-piece band preferred stage size: 12′ x 16′

10-piece band preferred size 16′ x 24′ (minimum 12′ x 20′ or 10′ x 24′)


While not mandatory, a stage will enhance your guest’s enjoyment of the band, as the band being clearly seen creates a more interactive band/guest experience. Most hotels and many country clubs have staging available.  If not, staging can almost always be rented in your town or by the venue. If there is no stage, please make sure the band has a flat area with the above dimensions to setup.


If the band is setup outside, make sure the space is free of debris, and that the entire area is covered with a tent or large tarp in case of sudden bad weather.


All that said, we can be extremely flexible with what you have. I’m sure we can figure out.


POWER REQUIREMENTS. How big of a stage do you need?

Two Standard 20AMP Circuits (120 VOLTS, 20AMP – 15 AMP minimum) within 25 feet of the band area.  Please make sure the band has their own dedicated circuit.  If the circuit is shared with other electronic equipment, the amount of power the band’s equipment requires might cause a shortage.


LIGHTING.  Does the band provide lighting?

Lighting options are available upon request.  From traditional stage lighting…to transforming your event into an amazing visual experience…we have just the thing to take your event to the next level!


TRAVEL. How far will the band travel? Internationally?

The group is based out of Nashville, TN and we are available to travel any distance.  We can also usually handle all travel arrangements for shows that require lodging, airfare, and equipment rental throughout the U.S. and internationally.


INSURANCE. Does the band have liability insurance?

Usually, the event venue will provide liability insurance above and beyond all event needs.